Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Few Essential Bar Equipment and Accessories That Are At Times Taken For Granted

A clean and presentable bar will not work without having the right bar equipment and accessories. These aid in offering every possible service to the customers and makes work easy for the staff. You wouldn't have to hire too many service personnel for your bar, either. Most of these equipment and accessories will be used behind the serving bar counter. These equipment and accessories, however, are most often taken for granted and overlooked. Their importance is realized only when they are missing.
The bar is one place where drinks are served left, right and center. The person behind the bar who is responsible for serving up the drinks would have opened a number of bottles already. Hence, you need to have bottle openers. The drinks will be served to the customers even faster. If you do not want to have those hand held openers that are normally left to hang on the cabinets, you can have the counter tops specially installed with special openers for bottles instead. The waiters could also be given their own bottle openers for use when they go from table to table. There are some drinks or bottles that would require a screw or a cork extractor to be opened. To serve the drinks effectively and minimize spillages you will have to get bottle pourers.
Straight drinks poured direct from a bottle will be highly in demand. However, there are customers who love taking special drinks, such as cocktails, and other unique mixes of drinks. This could be accomplished easier with the aid of a blender and some shakers right on the counter. A fruit drink can be made by mixing some fruits, water and ice cubes inside the blender. Shakers are primarily for mixing several drinks together. You will have to get several types of shakers in different sizes. When ordering drinks, customers would have a specific amount of the drinks in mind. Drink measures would solve this problem immediately. Spirit and wine measures are also important since they would help you correctly measure the drinks you serve and avoid serving up too much or too little alcohol.
Of course you'd also place a lot of importance on the service. Priority must be given to the manner with which the drinks are served. Therefore, you should also pay attention on what they will be drinking on. Pay attention to the type and quality of the drinking glasses. They should also be accessorized appropriately, either with a straw and an umbrella, and have a stirrer as well. You should also consider the trays. Not only can they be used to serve the customers, they can also be helpful when it comes time to clean up the tables. Ice buckets at the tables and at the counter will also come in handy especially when you have drinks that are served while chilled.
You should also keep in mind that knives are important. You must have seen slices of lemon placed on some drinks, or some other garnishes added to them. That is why you should make sure you have a knife close by, because you cannot slice and dice lemons and garnishes with your bare hands. In order to clearly identify that bar equipment and accessories you need to stock up on, you should understand that workings and dynamics of running a bar.

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