Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Those Fun And Frivolous Festival Foods

From fine dining to those fast food burgers Americans love their food, but there are just some foods that are only enjoyed during those festivals and fairs that dot the American country side throughout the year. Yes, festivals can be fun and entertaining, and you may go to watch or join in various contests, compete for prizes, or simply to enjoy the music and mingling with the crowd. However, the reality is, that most people find themselves being drawn to those brightly colored vending booth where they can enjoy the flavors that make going to these festivals and fairs a real treat. Here are a few of the fun and frivolous foods that fairs and festivals are known for.
Turkey Legs
Turkey legs made their appearance at Renaissance festivals no doubt inspired by all those pictures of Henry the 8th with holding one of these legs in one hand, and a glass of Port in the other. Whatever the inspiration for these hunks of meat appearing at festivals they soon caught on, and now are a favorite treat at festivals from coast to coast.
Never mind that the meat on just one of these legs would feed a family of four in normal circumstances you will see everyone from toddles to octogenarians walking around munching on one of these roasted to perfection legs as they make their way to next festival food both.
Elephant Ears
What is it about those fried flat pieces of dough rolled in cinnamon sugar that has people standing in line at every festival and fair across the country and even around the world? These thoroughly fattening festival treats are little more than a ton of empty calories yet, everyone seems to hunger for them when the fair rolls into town. Perhaps, it is because few people can replicate the exact taste of these pieces of sugary sweetness at home, or perhaps it is because elephant ears are pure indulgence and just plain fun to eat.
Meat On A Stick
From those easily identifiable corn dogs, to those mysterious creations of chicken, beef, and pork, meat on a stick has been a festival favorite for as long as there has been fairs and festivals. No doubt the big attraction of these festival favorites is the fact that you can eat them with one hand while you continue to wander around. Whether the meat is deep fried, roasted or barbequed doesn't seem to matter as long as it comes on a stick visitors at festivals will flock to those booths selling this festival favorite.
Cotton Candy
There is really no secret why those large woven threads of pure sugar are such a festival and fair favorite. This sweet treat just seems to represent those endless summer days, when life was simple and easy and filled with sweetness. Back when your great grandparents and great grandparents were young those country fairs or that odd festival was one of few times that children got candy and they found themselves looking forward to those fairs simply to indulge their sweet tooth by pulling off pieces of spun sugar and having it melt in their mouth. Though not exactly healthy, it truly is one of life's simple pleasures.
There is little doubt that beer is a festival favorite for many adults. Especially at those festivals that serve a variety of beers from those microbrewers or those Oktobefest and Bavarian festivals where beer has a long history and tradition. While some people visit the beer tents simply to enjoy this refreshing brew on a hot summers day or eve, others just like sampling those unique flavors such as blueberry and pumpkin beer.

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