Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Cleaning Your Office Water Cooler?

If you own a business it is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your workforce remains healthy. A convenient dispenser that provides clean and filtered water to all those that use it, a water cooler in the office can help staff members to keep themselves hydrated.
As a business owner you can help to ensure that the office is a much happier and healthier environment just by installing a water cooler. However, office places are a great breeding place for germs and harmful bacteria. This bacterium could easily contaminate your workplace water system if the right steps aren't taken to clean it once every so often.
Therefore it is extremely important that you learn how to clean your office water cooler. One of the benefits is that it can help to keep people's immune systems up. If germs are allowed to breed in the office though, this benefit becomes nullified. If you take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your cooler is absolutely free of germs, you'll be safeguarding the environment your employees work in. You'll find that this will lead to them having a much lower number of sick days - especially during the winter months - having done this. Even during the cold and flu season it is possible to keep your water cooler germ free if you get it properly cleaned on a regular basis.
It is a good idea to disinfect your water dispenser every other month or so in order to keep the amount of harmful germs and bacteria down to a minimum. You can disinfect your system by using a mixture of bleach and water - allowing the water to dilute the bleach, in order to limit the harmful effect it can have. Using this type of cleaning solution will enable you to keep down the levels of bacteria around the cooler down significantly. It's a good idea to keep the inside of the water cooler dried out in between refilling or replacing the large water bottles. This will help to keep down the build up of mineral deposits that water can sometimes leave behind. These mineral deposits can sometimes cause a lot of bacteria to build up over time, especially if they aren't taken care of right away. If you spot a mineral deposit, clean it, and then leave it to dry.
You should always clean the inside of your water cooler thoroughly; this can be done using a brush - preferably one that isn't made of metal - and a mixture of hot water and soap. If you use a plastic brush you'll ensure that there aren't any scuff marks left behind. Although relatively minor at the time, scuffs can over time cause small crevices to develop - the perfect spot for bacteria to form and breed in.
Although it might seem time consuming, by cleaning your water cooler you can help to ensure that it works more efficiently. You may also find that it lasts significantly longer too.

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